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TVC may refer to:

  • TVC (computer), a home computer made by the Hungarian company Videoton around 1986
  • TVC Networks, a Mexican conglomerate of cable networks, parent of TVC Deportes
  • Televicentro (TVC), a Honduran television broadcasting conglomerate
  • Cherry Capital Airport, IATA code for airport in Traverse City, Michigan, USA
  • Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars, a 2008 fighting game
  • BBC Television Centre, the BBC Television Centre, London
  • Televisió de Catalunya, Catalonia's public broadcasting network
  • Televisión Canaria, Canarian television channel
  • Television advertisement, TeleVision Commercial
  • Thrust vector control, a method of steering aircraft and missiles
  • Tinea versicolor, spots on the skin caused by Malassezia yeast
  • Total Viable Count, a measure of microorganisms
  • Traditional Values Coalition, Christian Right group in USA
  • TV Tsentr, Russian television network
  • station code for Thiruvananthapuram Central railway station
  • iamtvc Tushar Vishu Chouhan - An Indian Citizen
TVC (computer)

The TV Computer (TVC) was a home computer made by the Hungarian company Videoton around 1986. The computer was based on the Enterprise (computer) and had a built-in BASIC interpreter. Programs could be loaded via tape or floppy.

It had a built-in joystick, and a keyboard with Hungarian letters and nine function keys.

There were three different models:

  • TVC 32k had 32K of memory.
  • TVC 64k had 64K of memory.
  • TVC 64k+ also had 64K of memory, but had a newer BASIC interpreter (v2.2) and more video RAM (64K instead of 16K).

The TVC had three graphical modes: 128×240/16 colors, 256×240/4 colors, and 512×240/2 colors (black and white).

Few programs existed for the TVC. Many of these were written by dedicated amateurs and distributed by mail.