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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1948, shortened form of television (q.v.). Spelled out as tee-vee from 1949. TV dinner (1954), made to be eaten from a tray while watching a television set, is a proprietary name registered by Swanson & Sons, Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.


n. (alternative form of TV English)

TV (disambiguation)

TV or television is a telecommunication medium for transmitting and receiving moving images and sound.

TV may also refer to:

  • Television set, a device used to view television broadcasts
  • Tuvalu, ISO 3166-1 country code
    • .tv, the country code top-level domain of Tuvalu
  • .tv (TV channel), a British TV channel
  • Tualatin Valley or T.V., a place in Oregon, United States
  • Province of Treviso, Italy's vehicle registration prefix
  • Titov Veles's vehicle registration prefix
  • TV Seastar, a jet aircraft
  • Fokker T.V, a WWII bomber aircraft
  • Shutter priority or TV, a setting on cameras that allows the user to choose a shutter speed
  • Tribes: Vengeance or T:V, a video game in the Tribes series
  • T–V distinction, a contrast, within one language, between second-person pronouns
  • Virgin Express' IATA code
  • Tidal volume, normal amount of air inspired and expired at rest
  • Teravolt, a multiple of an SI derived unit Volt
  • Trebišov, town in Slovakia,
  • Transvestite, a person who habitually dresses in cross-sex clothing without intention to medically or hormonally transition to that sex.

Usage examples of "tv".

Millie had long ago trained herself not to tremble with agitation every time she saw a picture of Burgo or caught sight of him on TV.

Out the door, Marietta, who has brought in carryout, has skillfully deployed a napkin between her pizza slice and her TV.

About the house that he had said we would buy, the programs we watched on TV, and the cornball things that happened.

Hub entered grandfatherhood, among the twinkling spinners and national bunting, the upbeat music, with Sno-Cone and hot-dog stands and kids bouncing on the king-size waterbeds out in the lot, and his own fleet of photon projectors aimed at the purple sky, calling out across the miles of great valley to wage-earning families snug at the table and restless cruisers out on old 99 alike, here we are, forget the night falling and come on over, have a look, TV, stereo and appliances too, no cosigners or credit references, just your own honest face .

Ben Bova, and introduced in early 2000, was perhaps the most glossy and ambitious such site to date, featuring a distinguished lineup of columnists such as Harlan Ellison, Mike Resnick, Joe Haldeman, Jack Dann, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, and many others, running scientific articles and book and movie reviews as well as original short SF stories, and promising eventually to provide everything from downloadable novels to online movies to animation to Web TV.

But maybe it was because I was contemplating that act of deconstruction that I noticed a gap on the top shelf of the etagere next to the TV.

TV, which, by the way, he turned on without using the remote, and he asked me if I had any Evian water, and he went into the kitchen and .

And have the spirit lying on the couch, drinking Evian water and watching TV?

He and V had two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a galley kitchen, and a living room that was decorated in a winsome, postmodern, Frat-House-Basement style: a pair of leather couches, plasma-screen high-def TV, foosball table, gym bags everywhere.

It was a rounded, small-screened model from the fifties, a Jetsons TV, and William S.

I now knew that Nicaragua had little TV, with broadcasts from Managua just six hours a day, and no doubt brought to this outpost by the relay towers I had seen on the way in.

In the multichannel recorder disguised as a video cassette player, he adjusted the levels on the wire from the living room to reduce background noise from the TV.

He turned on the TV, hoping illogically that the news would show Northumber being attacked by peaceniks.

Agent Keating, we may have played spies on TV, but any resemblance between us and Remington Steele is purely coincidental.

Five small speakers were spotted around the room, with a subwoofer the size of a trash can next to the TV.