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Tüzün or Tuzun is a Turkish name. Notable people with the sname include:

  • Evrim Tuzun, Singer, Songwriter
  • Oğuzhan Tüzün (born 1982), Turkish sport shooter
  • Serpil Hamdi Tüzün, Turkish football coach
  • Sibel Tüzün (born 1971), Turkish female pop/rock/jazz singer
  • Tuzun, Turkic general and Abbasid official
Tuzun (amir al-umara)

Abu'l-Wafa Tuzun was a Turkish soldier who served first the Iranian ruler Mardavij ibn Ziyar and subsequently the Abbasid Caliphate. Rising to a position of leadership in the Abbasid army, he evicted the Hamdanid Nasir al-Dawla from Baghdad and assumed the position of amir al-umara on 31 May 943, becoming the Caliphate's de facto ruler. He held this position until his death in August 945, a few months before Baghdad, and the Abbasid Caliphate with it, came under the control of the Buyids.