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Tutin (toxin)

Tutin is a poisonous plant derivative found in the New Zealand tutu plant (Coriaria arborea, Coriaria genus, several different species). It acts as a potent antagonist of the glycine receptor, and has powerful convulsant effects. It is used in scientific research into the glycine receptor, and is also sometimes associated with outbreaks of toxic honey poisoning when bees feed honeydew exudate from the sap-sucking insect commonly known as the passion vine hopper, when these vine hoppers ( Scolypopa australis) have been feeding on the sap of tutu bushes. Toxic honey is a rare event and is more likely to occur when comb honey is eaten directly from a hive that has been harvesting honeydew from passion vine hoppers feeding on tutu plants.

Usage examples of "tutin".

If used in excessive quantities, tutin could kill and cases had been reported of early settlers dying accidentally by eating honey collected from bees feeding on the nectar of coriaria flowers.