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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1927; see tutor (v.) + -ee.


n. A student of a tutor.


n. learns from a tutor

Usage examples of "tutee".

Where are the joy, the hope, the knowledge, and the confident strength of the man who routed Harold Bray, affirmed the Candidacies of His Tutees and readied Himself to teach all studentdom the Answer?

Was not Enos Enoch, the Founder's Boy, by nature an outdoor type, a do-it-Himselfer who chose as His original Tutees the first dozen people He met.

Indeed, I privately resolved to seek them out, once I'd proclaimed myself, and enlist them among my first Tutees, as they were beyond doubt the goatliest of undergraduates.

From them, from Stoker himself, who now and then toured his domain, and from the regular visits of Anastasia and my mother, I learned the unhappy state of things among my erstwhile Tutees, as well as in the upper campus generally.

What I had bid my Tutees shuck -- false lines in their pictures of themselves, which Bray in his wisdom had Certified -- I saw now to be unshuckable: nay, unreal, because falsely distinguished from their contraries.

My other Tutees, those I'd seen and heard of who had inclined to Bray and doubted me, appeared to have reversed their attitudes in view of the flunkèd state I'd led them to, or led them to see, and doubted now the one who'd called them passed.

If indeed those efforts were failures, which had successfully revealed to my Tutees such flunkèd aspects of themselves.

My whole concern was to feel a way through the contradictions of my new Answer, in order to apply it to the several problems of my Tutees when I should leave Main Detention.

For a false Grand Tutor is no wiser than his Tutees, and may in his ignorance sincerely believe himself to be what he is not -- or flunkèdly pretend to be.

Black cap and gown of naked Truth, it screened from the general eye what only the few, Truth's lovers and tutees, might look on bare and not be blinded.

At dinner, Brone talked just enough to impress his new shipmates as well as his tutees with his basic understanding of current affairs on both Barevi and Catten.