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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tusky \Tusk"y\, a. Having tusks. ``The scar indented by the tusky oar.''


a. Having tusks, especially prominent tusks. n. ''(Yorkshire dialect)'' The sticks produced by the vegetable rhubarb

Usage examples of "tusky".

The tusky but soft-hearted little brute kept nodding his round, sparsely covered head while he listened, exuding a smell of lavender-water, cigars, and gutta-percha.

My tusky ones vanish, My children have aped mine own slaughters To quicken my wane.

With his tough, straggling white moustache and small sharp eyes, he had the vigorous, tusky look of a walrus.

She hit the floor nimbly, and came right back, drool showing at the edges of her tusky mouth.

Without the mask he was like one of those pigs you see at rare breed farms, mean-eyed and tusky beneath the gold bristles.

It represents the tusky material of one of the large sub-intelligent creatures on the planet.