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n. (plural of tusk English)

Usage examples of "tusks".

Tahiti Benoit poured herself an Alphard brandy, then sat back in her chair and examined the holograph of the two enormous tusks that hung, suspended in space and time, above her computer.

Makonde knew me as Bwana Mutaro, Master Furrow, for wherever I went my tusks would plow up twin furrows in the hard African earth, and my spoor could be mistaken for no other.

After all, we are talking about a pair of tusks that disappeared more than 3,200 years ago.

It was a picture of two white-clad men, each one supporting one of the tusks, which towered far above them.

Then, late tonight, I want you to come back here and take the tusks to your ship.

Bellano patted one of the tusks fondly, nodded his approval, and went back to examining the artwork.

The tusks vanished, to be replaced by the image of a thin, wiry Fly-by-Night.

My job is to replace the real tusks with the fakes, and then alert our ships the moment the duplicates are stolen.

We can cordon it off, substitute the tusks, and be out of there within five minutes!

Maasai have such a long-standing obsession for the tusks of the Kilimanjaro Elephant?

He raised the twin spectres of racism and colonialism, he threatened certain vaguely-defined actions if the tusks of the Kilimanjaro Elephant were not returned immediately, and he demanded that Kenyans boycott all British products.

The tusks of the elephant, he reminded, had been legally auctioned in Zanzibar, which was then an independent country, not Mombasa.

While he would certainly welcome the tusks of the Kilimanjaro Elephant if the British were to make a gift of them, it was obvious that Kenya had no legal or moral claim to them.

Kimathi really is crazy enough to go to war over the tusks, he may very well recommend to his government that they return them.

Only people like myself can set you tasks such as finding the tusks of the Kilimanjaro Elephant.