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a. Resembling a tusk or some aspect of one.

Usage examples of "tusklike".

They were making a mess of the forest floor: With their tusklike lower teeth, they scraped steadily at the ground, seeking the salt bushes they favored.

The tusklike mountains thrust up through the landscape, save for one gap where one of the teeth clearly had been knocked loose in some ancient combat.

But its face, limned in the bright moonlight, was bestial, with close-set ears, flaring nostrils, and a great flabby-lipped mouth in which gleamed white tusklike fangs.

Huge, tusklike protrusions thrust upward from the bow, and between them was mounted what appeared to be a giant slingshot.

He saw a thin, emaciated face, its lips spread to show tusklike teeth.

Off to one side at eight- or nine-metre intervals, several more sets of the tusklike shapes clawed out from the bulkhead like bony fingers grasping at the gaping space.

Kith-Kanan still remembered his one tusklike tooth bobbing up and down in a forlorn gesture of farewell.