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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tusked \Tusked\, a. Furnished with tusks.

The tusked boar out of the wood.

  1. Furnished with tusks. v

  2. (en-past of: tusk)

Usage examples of "tusked".

Great Horned Ones or the Great Tusked Ones that they would hunt tomorrow.

Although the Tusked Ones had been moving in this direction, a small herd of Horned Ones was now nearer than the other group.

If she is one of the tusked ones, she will smash him with her great curving teeth and step on him with feet like flat boulders.

The remaining lodges were black shapes against the white blanket, though even the unbroken ones showed signs of the close passing of the Great Tusked Ones in the night.

With the bear and the wolf and the lion to deal with, not to mention the huge tusked or horned beasts that might trample a man without knowing he was there at all, there was enough peril to make any of the real People cautious.

Do-na-ti been with the demands of becoming a parent that he had set aside, for a while, his determination to hunt and slay the Tusked Ones.

He would not be frightened, he thought, when he took his spear and went against whatever of the Tusked Ones he found when he went on his hunt for vengeance, even if he found his death in that attempt.

That meant that the Tusked Ones would be turning their trunks toward the south, moving along their ancient trails toward chosen spots where they would winter.

By the time he arrived, the line of tusked marchers would have moved a long way down their trail, he knew, but that was a good thing.

Great Tusked One was dying a most agonizing death, but he did not struggle against his fate.

The lion and the Great Tusked One have healed me of the poison that sickened me, as well.

Several others were climbing up the ice, each looking for a place to view the great tusked creatures.

How could creatures as small and weak as humans challenge the huge, shaggy, tusked beast, and hope to succeed?

She looked up to see Jondalar at her side, then several others, more than the huge tusked woolly wanted to face.

Then he heard the squelch of hoofs in the mud, more grunts, the sound of hog-like rooting and the champing of tusked jaws.