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Tusholi - goddess spring and fertility in the Ingush and Chechen mythology. The daughter of the supreme god Dyala.

The most revered and beloved goddess of the Vainakh people before taking Islam. Revered as the patroness of people in front of his father - the supreme god. Ancient Ingush people and Chechens prayed Tusholi of healthy offspring, abundant crops and livestock multiplication.

Tusholi only deity Vainakh that took the image: This is usually a wooden or silver belt sculpture of a woman with a tear on her cheek. Goddess Tusholi also often depicted on the stones of the Ingush towers.

In her honor were held the largest and most fun holidays. In the Ingush calendar month of April was named in her honor - Tusholi. The goddess was also worshiped childless women. Ingushetia celebrated the Spring Festival "Tusholi" in the days of the return of warmer climates birds - hoopoe, which was regarded as the companion of the goddess Tusholi and revered sacred bird.

In 2010, for the first time in Ingushetia after adoption of Islam by the Ingush, the Spring Festival of Tusholi was celebrated.