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Turlutte (music)

In Quebec, the turlutte is a form of traditional popular song, which is associated with specific melody ornaments. It is more accurately characterized as a song or vocal style in the French chanson tradition. It is associated particularly working class or trade union tradition in the Canadian encyclopedia. These include the following:

  • short developments - preambles, bridges, refrains. It is frequently done solo,impromptu or otherwise.
  • In its canonical form, the turlutte is characterized by wordless variations on certain phonetic connections. For example (in French) "tamtidelam" passes to "tam tidelidelam") posting a certain pallet of phonemes whose selection answers phonetic and aesthetic criteria. These include for example, the marriage of [T], [D] and [m] for the consonants, of [I] and of [has], for the vowels.
  • It is also characterized by a removed tempo, by what the turluttes often take "l' pace d' impossible virelangues". The turluttées melodies are d' ordinary dancing and merry. According to some, the turlutte would constitute a vocal imitation d' a musical instrument, such as the violin or the flute. Use [to modify] It was used by Mary Travers, under a name " La Bolduc", in the years 1930. As another example one can more recently quote, in 2000, the group My shoes are red, with the song " When more nothing va". The subject of the song being precisely the turlutte (and its homonyms).