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Türje is a village in Zala County, Hungary. The village is located in the North-Eastern part of Zala County, near the great turn of Zala river, between the Keszthelyi Mountains and Kemeneshát Hills. The village has a railway station on the line of the Boba– Őrihodos railway which is connecting the two local centers of Zalaegerszeg and Celldömölk. It is also connected with Zalaszentgrót by bus.

Türje (genus)

Türje (Tyürje or Türgye) was the name of a gens (Latin for "clan"; nemzetség in Hungarian) in the Kingdom of Hungary. The Szentgróti (Szentgiróti), Orbonay and Zalabéry families belong to this genus.

The village of Türje was first mentioned in 1234. The monastery of the premontre monks was founded at the beginning of the 13th century. In this time, the namesake kindred was the landowner of the village and the neighboring villages, including Zalaszentgrót too.