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Turcotte or Turcott or Turquotte is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Alfie Turcotte
  • Arthur Turcotte (1845–1905), Quebec lawyer
  • Brad Turcotte, the musician
  • Darren Turcotte (b. 1968), American hockey player
  • Élise Turcotte, Canadian writer
  • Gustave-Adolphe-Narcisse Turcotte
  • Jean-Claude Turcotte (1936–2015), Roman Catholic prelate
  • Joseph-Édouard Turcotte
  • Katrina Kaif, was originally "Katrina Turquotte"
  • Maryse Turcotte
  • Mathieu Turcotte
  • Ron Turcotte
  • Sheldon Turcott