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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ The Ohka 33 was a larger version of the Model 22 special attack aircraft to have been powered by the Ne-20 turbojet.

n. A jet engine that develops thrust solely from high-speed exhaust gases expelled from a turbine that drives a compressor.

  1. n. airplane powered by a turbojet engine [syn: turboprop]

  2. jet engine in which a turbine drives air to the burner [syn: turbojet engine, turbofan, turbofan engine]


TurboJET is the brand name for the operations of the Hong Kong-headquartered Shun Tak-China Travel Ship Management Limited , which was established from the joint venture between Shun Tak Holdings Limited and China Travel International Investment Hong Kong Limited in July 1999. It operates hydrofoil ferry services in southern China.

It acquired New Ferry -Transporte Marítimo de Passageiros (Macau) Limitada (abbreviated New World First Ferry (Macau)) from NWS Holdings with 350 million in cash on 11 August 2011, and completed the transaction on 30 September.

Shun Tak and China Travel had their own separate ferry business brands before merging as TurboJET, on 1 July 1999. They were Far East Hydrofoil / Far East Jetfoil by Shun Tak, and Turbo Cat by CTS Parkview Company Ltd.

Usage examples of "turbojet".

Behind Mace, the pilot of the first gunship finally recovered control, shutting down the port turbojet and bringing the craft around on repulsorlifts alone.

On one, a turbojet engine blasted loose of its mount and tumbled away, bouncing down the mountainside trailing smoke and white-hot shreds of its cowling, and the gunship spun half out of control.

Slowed by their missing turbojet, they swiftly lost their lead as it dived to pursue them, and cannonfire raked their stern.

Four Guerin LX-17B turbojet transport helicopters had also been brought out.

The antigravity mechanism and its neatly built-in turbojet, part by part, under X-ray and on the fine balance he used for assaying quartzcar specimens, was an unblemished complexity.

The turbojet engine tore free from its mountings, the stubby port-side wing was ripped away like paper.

He ignited the single Pratt and Whitney J-75 turbojet engine, sending a bright orange flame shooting across the water and up the concrete ramp leading from the hanger to the harbor.

For this honor, GM picked the strongest of their muscle car linethe SS fitted with a 396-cubic-inch Turbojet V-8 engine, which could churn 375 horsepower.

On the glistening ribbon of the tollway looping the hills beside the tracks, a gleaming, new Cadillac Turbojet 500 kept pace with the train for a few miles.

The noise of the Klimov turbojet engine roared in his ears and he rubbed his nose tiredly with his furlined leather glove.

But the key to the missile was the complex, high-precision turbojet engine that powered it.

His last word was swallowed by howls of repulsorlifts and snarling turbojets that brought a gunship slewing into the gap from the other side of the ridge.

Icy rain splashed down through the canopy, and thunder rolled like turbojets of gunships passing overhead.

Four Rolls-Royce RBS8200 turbojets throttled up, producing seventy-five tons of thrust.

Lawrence could feel the vibration building as the turbojets wound up to full power before the nose was lined up.