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Türbe is the Turkish word for " tomb", and for the characteristic mausoleums, often relatively small, of Ottoman royalty and notables. It is related to the Arabicturba, which can also mean a mausoleum, but more often a funerary complex, or a plot in a cemetery.

Usage examples of "turbe".

He went along his dance-track undisturbed, his blue eyes never losing their high lights of glee, his lips never losing their inscrutable smile at some happy understanding between life and himself.

So dim had been the light and so perturbed her mind that she had not noticed how torn and trampled was the road.

The people who met him were always dis turbed, intimidated or attracted, depending on their sex and their connection with him.

Also appar ent was a primitive alchemy that fascinated and dis turbed in equal measure.

She clasped his hand in both hers and began to let forth a stream of apologies for disturbing someone who was only a slight acquaintance.

L'attacco era troppo violento perché la struttura reg­gesse a lungo e cominciarono ad aprirsi le prime crepe nel­le pareti e il terreno davanti alla casa cedette quando turbe di aggressori scesero a mettere a soqquadro la cantina.