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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tuque \Tuque\, n. [Canadian F. See Toque.] A kind of warm cap winter wear, made from a knit bag with closed tapered ends by pushing one end within the other, thus making a conical cap of double thickness.

Picturesque fellow with tuques, red sashes, and fur coats.
--F. Remington.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

type of cap worn in Canada, 1871, from Canadian French variant of French toque (see toque).


n. 1 (context Canada English) (alternative form of toque English) 2 A watch cap.

Usage examples of "tuque".

Though I'd tuqued my head and scarved my neck, I was shivering inside my one-hundred-percentmicroporouspolyurethanepolymerizedcoatednylon-guaranteedtofortybelowCelsius Kanuk parka.

This meant a great improvement in his lot, for Aunt immediately bought him clothes that were more what other children in Blairlogie wore, and he was happy in his corduroy knickerbockers and a mackinaw coat, and the tuque that replaced his little velvet hat with earflaps.

Nomina jungo simul titulis, clarissime, nostra Adrianus, Carolus, rex ego, tuque pater.