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n. A tent or other building made from animal skins, used by the Inuit during the summer.


n. tent that is an Eskimo summer dwelling [syn: tupek, sealskin tent]


Tupik is the name of several rural localities in Russia:

  • Tupik, Republic of Khakassia, a village in Spirinsky Selsoviet of Shirinsky District of the Republic of Khakassia
  • Tupik, Novgorod Oblast, a village under the administrative jurisdiction of the urban-type settlement of Nebolchi, Lyubytinsky District, Novgorod Oblast
  • Tupik, Ryazan Oblast, a settlement in Merdushinsky Rural Okrug of Yermishinsky District of Ryazan Oblast
  • Tupik, Sverdlovsk Oblast, a settlement in Verkhnesaldinsky District of Sverdlovsk Oblast
  • Tupik, Vologda Oblast, a settlement in Toropovsky Selsoviet of Babayevsky District of Vologda Oblast
  • Tupik, Zabaykalsky Krai, a selo in Tungiro-Olyokminsky District of Zabaykalsky Krai

Usage examples of "tupik".

She made a happy little chirping sound, and then she and Tupik scampered off together for a morning swim in the cool water of the swamp.

Poppi and Tupik, returning hand in hand from their swim, froze in their tracks and stood with their heads cocked as Belgarath's whisper spoke gently to them, reaching down into their thoughts, murmuring, explaining, teaching.