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Tuohy is a surname which may refer to:

  • Dan Tuohy (born 1985), Irish rugby player
  • Denis Tuohy (born 1937), television broadcaster, actor, newsreader, and journalist
  • John S. Tuohy, brigadier general in the United States Air Force
  • Liam Tuohy (footballer) (born 1933), Irish footballer and manager
  • Patrick Tuohy (1894–1930), Irish painter
  • Tom Tuohy (1917–2008), noted for putting out a major fire in Britain's worst nuclear accident
  • William Tuohy, American Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist and author
  • The Tuohys, a family in the 2009 film The Blind Side, based on the following real-life people:
    • Sean Tuohy (born c. 1960), former basketball player, current sportscaster and businessman
    • Leigh Anne Tuohy (born c. 1960), interior decorator and businesswoman