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TUNIS (Toronto University System) was a Unix-like operating system, developed at the University of Toronto in the early 1980s. TUNIS was a portable operating system compatible with Unix V7, but with a completely redesigned kernel, written in Concurrent Euclid. Programs that ran under Unix V7 could be run under TUNIS with no modification.

TUNIS was designed for teaching, and was intended to provide a model for the design of well-structured, highly portable, easily understood Unix-like operating systems. It made extensive use of Concurrent Euclid modules to isolate machine dependencies and provide a clean internal structure through information hiding, and of Concurrent Euclid's built-in processes and synchronization features to make it easy to understand and maintain.

TUNIS targeted the PDP-11 and Motorola 6809 and 68000 architectures, and supported distribution across multiple CPUs using Concurrent Euclid's synchronization features.

Tunis (disambiguation)

Tunis (or Tunes as in Latin) may refer to :

Places, jurisdictions and historical sites:

  • the capital of Tunisia, and in several languages also the name for the country
    • Tunis Governorate, a governorate (province) of Tunisia
    • Tunis Eyalet, an administrative unit of the Ottoman Empire
    • Tunes (see), a former diocese and Latin Catholic titular bishopric
    • Battle of Tunis (255 BC), a Carthaginian victory over the Romans in the First Punic War
    • Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Tunis
    • Tunis University, Tunisia
  • Gulf of Tunis, Tunisia
  • Lake of Tunis, a natural lagoon between the city of Tunis and the Gulf of Tunis


  • Tunis Campbell (1812-1891), African American politician
  • Tunis Craven (1813-1864), U.S. Navy officer
  • John R. Tunis (1889-1975), American sports journalist and novelist
  • Staffan Tunis (born 1982), Finnish ski-orienteering competitor

Other uses:

  • 6362 Tunis, an asteroid
  • TUNIS (Toronto University System), a UNIX-like operating system developed at the University of Toronto
  • Tunis Grand Prix, an auto race held in the 1920s and 1930s in Tunis, Tunisia
  • Tunis Open, a tennis tournament
  • Tunis (sheep), a sheep breed

Usage examples of "tunis".

Sicily pineapples, pomegranates from Malaga, oranges from the Balearic Isles, peaches from France, and dates from Tunis.

Alexandria, Bengasi, Tripoli, Tunis and Algiers, passed the Rock of Gibraltar and turned north up the coast of Portugal.

Moslem law courts attached to the Great Mosque of Tunis and from an extremely respected and well-to-do Tunis beylical family, and yet the Khaznadar villa always reminded Cynthia Guffin of a small, rather lackadaisically kept English country vicarage.

The Khaznadars had originally been Persians in the service of the Turkish beys, money men in the Tunis beylical system for centuries.

When the Fatimite caliph departed for the conquest of Egypt, he rewarded the real merit and apparent fidelity of his servant Joseph with a gift of his royal mantle, and forty Arabian horses, his palace with its sumptuous furniture, and the government of the kingdoms of Tunis and Algiers.

Al-Moizz, or Abu Tamim, a great-grandson of Obaid Allah, the founder of the Fatimite dynasty at Tunis, sent his general Jawhar with an army to invade Egypt.

Antis Ecundor Newand Dangor Esthonia Dominica Bulgaria Reunion Italy Newfoundland Germany Luxemberg Angola Sarawak Tasmania Brazil Obock Oldenburg Kiauchau Tonga Obock Madagascar Egypt Afghanistan Trinidad Monaco Inhambane Denmark Nyassa Iceland Gabon Hayti Tunis The ink had not dried before The Shadow had completed the rapid listing.

Forgive me, Ketmia, but a young woman of your race would bring a very great price in Tunis, Monastir, or Rabat.

The Moors are very well known in Tunis, so many of them, passing through from Mekka on the Hajj, have been prevented from getting home by quarantine or lack of funds.

Tunis, when they saw the boats on the far edge of the water, a series of dots moving south: Scandinavian yachts and large Dutch houseboats, ancient Arab dhows and Indian baghlas, Chinese junks and Somalian sambuks.

Trilling, Lionel, 43, 45, 56n, 105, 127, 128, 139n, 140, 164, 166, 189-90 Trotsky, Leon, 85 Trotskyism, 85, 104, 168 Truman, Harry, 67 Tunis, John R.

The Subura was an area composed entirely of insulae and contained only one prominent landmark, the Tunis Mamilia, apparently some kind of tower.

Moreover, after Israeli warplanes struck PLO headquarters in Tunis in October 1985, Saddam allowed Arafat to move much of his operation to Baghdad.

Drake stopped at Alexandria, Bengasi, Tripoli, Tunis and Algiers, passed the Rock of Gibraltar and turned north up the coast of Portugal.

And among others, to whose ears was wafted the bruit of Gerbino's magnificent prowess and courtesy, was a daughter of the King of Tunis, who, by averment of all that had seen her, was a creature as fair and debonair, and of as great and noble a spirit as Nature ever formed.