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n. (plural of tune English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: tune)

Tunes (confectionery)

Tunes is a brand of lozenge manufactured by The Wrigley Company in the UK. It is marketed as a cough sweet or anti-congestant lozenge, containing eucalyptus oil and menthol. It is a relative of the now discontinued Spangles brand, and shares the same packaging and dimensions of that brand. In the UK, Tunes no longer have the Spangles style packaging.

There was a memorable TV advertising campaign for the product with the slogan "Tunes help you breathe more easily". The commercials featured the actor Peter Cleall who would perfectly enunciate the word "Tunes" after taking the anti-congestant.

Tunes (Silves)

Tunes is a former civil parish in the municipality of Silves, Portugal. In 2013, the parish merged into the new parish Algoz e Tunes. In 2001 there were 2002 inhabitants, in an area of approximately : there were 167 residents per kilometre square.


Tunes may refer to :

Tunes (album)

Tunes is the third album by folk duo Spiers and Boden.

Usage examples of "tunes".

Scotch songs, a redundancy of syllables with respect to that exactness of accent and measure that the English poetry requires, but which glides in, most melodiously, with the respective tunes to which they are set.

Leaving out the starting note in both tunes, has, I think, an effect that no regularity could counterbalance the want of.

Scots tunes, where he affixes an asterisk to those he himself composed, he does not make the least claim to the tune.

It, as well as many of the ballad tunes in this collection, was written from Mrs.

This algorithm would work, but it might not be very efficient, because the set of possible musical items grows large very quickly as we consider items of greater and greater length, and only a very small proportion of all possible tunes might be at all musical.

But there is one easy way we can avoid complexity, and that is to study the simplest tunes possible.

Yet music has a level of complexity, even in the simplest of tunes, which seems out of proportion to what is required to communicate any of these items of information.

There are many tunes where a first phrase consists of some sequence of notes played in a certain rhythm, and then a second phrase consists of the same sequence of notes transposed along the diatonic scale, played in the same rhythm.

In fact the home chord of tunes played in the white notes scale is always either C major or A minor.

However, for a given scale, most tunes on that scale have a home chord taken from a very limited set of choices.

He does not wear a turban and rarely breaks strings when he tunes and repairs, and as he stood on the deck, the sea reflected the light of the moon with a glittering of silver on blue.

They got through the first set on inoffensive pop tunes, rock and roll oldies, even one or two Broadway standards.

So, to one of the best tunes ever to come out of Europe, even with its timing adapted to the rigors of a disco percussion track able to make the bluest Thanatoid believe, however briefly, in resurrection, they woke, the Thanatoids woke.

The idiot rode strumming his banjo, playing over and over the last two tunes he had heard, regaling the countryside alternately with the national anthems of Dixie and France.

Those who stayed indoors were regaled by vendors shouting from the arena or prowling among the seats, hawking sheet music of the tunes the band had played, cartes-de-visite of the various performers, jugs of cold lemonade and hot tea, trays of lukewarm pirogiyi and blinis.