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alt. (plural of tumor English) n. (plural of tumor English)

Usage examples of "tumors".

Ted Worley, who just moments earlier had been minding his own business and watching his beloved Orioles, would now spend the rest of that night and most of the next week worrying about tumors growing wild in his bladder.

The examination and removal of the tumors would be by cystoscopic surgery, running a tiny scope and a knife in a tube through the penis into the bladder, and while this was purported to be fairly routine, Mr.

The urinalysis, which included a cytological exam, revealed abnormal cells in the urine, a clear sign, according to Max Pace and his extensive and ill-gotten medical research, that there were tumors in the bladder.

Yesterday, as the owner of his own law firm, he filed a billion-dollar lawsuit against the third-largest pharmaceutical company in the world, claiming its newest wonder drug, Dyloft, not only relieves acute pain for arthritis sufferers but also causes tumors in their bladders.

The drug has been found to cause bladder tumors in some of the folks who use it.

As much as he wanted to, Clay could not tell them that the tumors were probably benign.

Dyloft has been linked to several side effects, including tumors in the bladder.

The Atlantic Journal of Medicine was reporting that dylofedamint, known as Dyloft, had been linked to bladder tumors in about 6 percent of those who had taken it for a year.

The good news, if it could be called that, was that the tumors did not appear to be malignant, so far anyway.

The threat of tumors growing wild prompted virtually all Dyloft users to contact a lawyer.

He had a forty-year-old client who made big bucks and now had malignant tumors, thanks to Dyloft.

Group One Dyloft plaintiffs, those with benign tumors that could be removed with a fairly simple surgical procedure, the cost of which would also be borne by the company.

Group Two plaintiffs were those with malignant tumors, and since their treatments would take months or years, the settlement was left open.

That was the grand sum he would receive from a sleazy pharmaceutical giant that deliberately put into the marketplace a drug that caused four tumors to grow in his bladder?

The tumors were back, and whatever form they now had they were far more serious than before.