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Tumen (unit)

Tumen or Tümen ("unit of ten thousand"; , Tümen; ) was a part of the decimal system used by the Mongol peoples and Turkic peoples to organize their armies. Tumen is an army unit of 10,000 soldiers. Tum means ten thousand in Mongolian language. It is also used in the Mongolian language as another word for "very many". Old Turkic : "tümän".


Tumen may refer to one of the following.

  • Tumen (unit), a Turkic and Mongol military unit of 10,000 people
  • Tumen, Bumin Khan, Turkic Khagan
  • Tumen River, a river in China, North Korea, and Russia
  • Tumen, Jilin, a city in China
  • Tümen Jasagtu Khan, a Khagan of Mongolia in the late 16th century

Usage examples of "tumen".

Mayapan tumen u pach paa, u pach tulum, tumen multepal ych cah Mayapan lal lae.