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Tuman or Tumen may refer to:

  • Tumen River, a river between China and North Korea
  • Tuman River, a river in Shufu County, Xinjiang, China
  • Tuman (Soviet patrol boat), a Soviet World War II warship
  • Tuman bay II, a medieval Egyptian sultan
  • Tuman (district), a second-level administrative subdivision in Uzbekistan
  • Tuman (Peru district), in the province of Chiclayo, in Lambayeque Department, Peru (the country is divided in Departments)
Tuman (album)

Tuman is a studio album of Sofia Rotaru released in the very beginning of 2007. The CD includes mostly unreleased, but already aired songs, although only a selection of them. It is a multilingual album, hence traditional edition for Sofia Rotaru. It includes popular duet with Nikolay Baskov "Raspberries Blossom" and dance remix of "White Dance", which marked in 2001 a new wave in the repertoire of Sofia Rotaru. The last song of the album "One Guelder Rose (or One Snowball Tree) was one of the most popular songs of Sofia Rotaru in Ukrainian for the last three years.

Tuman (song)

"Tuman", meaning "fog" in Russian, is a song by the Russian band Kommunizm. It was released in 1990.

Usage examples of "tuman".

The noyon of the Mangu Tuman was quite young, even for these times when few men of Tebtengri reached great age.

For a while the GurKhan of the Mangu Tuman and the field agent of the Imperial Terrestrial Naval Intelligence Corps danced around the kibitka singing about the flowers that bloom in the spring.