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n. A type of curved sword used in India and throughout South Asia.

Usage examples of "tulwar".

But no one except Haik used it to explain the objects in the Tulwar cliffs.

Unknown in Tulwar, it was common on the plain, though Haik had not noticed it till now.

Their ship stopped at Tulwar to let off Haik and take on potted trees.

With a satisfied nod Karela slammed the tulwar back into its sheath and strode away toward her tent.

The brigands were all on their feet now, and Karela was before her pavilion with her jeweled tulwar in hand.

The Killadar, with a tulwar slung at his side and a small round shield strapped to his left arm, stared at Hakeswill above the bodies of his wives, concubines and daughters.

The Killadar roared in anger, drew his tulwar and ran down the steps to drive Hakeswill from his women.

She stifled a scream as her arm obeyed, sending the jewel-hilted tulwar skittering across the mosaicked floor to ring against a column.

Sharpe picked up his pack and walked out to the small garden where Ahmed was sharpening his new tulwar.

Sharpe turned to see that Ahmed was on hands and knees among the legs of the spectators, and what was more the child was pushing forward the hilt of the tulwar he had captured at Deogaum.

He was not wearing the sabre that Ahmed had stolen from Morris, for he knew the weapon would be identifiable, and so he had a tulwar that he had borrowed from Syud Sevajee.

Of Seven Cities blood, the Guards had hitched their round shields and unsheathed their tulwars, waving the broad, curving blades threateningly at the Wickans, who answered with barking challenges.

They confronted Fiddler with tulwars raised as the crowd of children dispersed on all sides, suddenly silent and watchful.

They were well armed, with pikes in their hands and tulwars at their hips.

List stood with Captain Lull at one end of the Marine encampment, close to the attachment of loyal Hissari Guardswhose soldiers were readying their tulwars and round shields in grim silence.