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Tul is a Korean martial art form.

Tul or TUL may also refer to:

  • Tul 1, Iran
  • Tul, Hormozgan, Iran
  • Tul, West Azerbaijan, Iran
  • Tuł, Masovian Voivodeship, Poland
  • TUL corporation, a Taiwanese computer products manufacturer
  • Technical University of Liberec, Czech Republic
  • Lodz University of Technology (former name: Technical University of Lodz)
  • Tradition und Leben, a German monarchist organisation
  • Transnational University Limburg
  • Tullus (praenomen), a Roman praenomen
  • Tulsa International Airport, Oklahoma, United States
  • Finnish Workers' Sports Federation (Finnish: ), a Finnish amateur sports organisation
  • Truck Utility Medium, the British Army designation of the long wheelbase variant of the Land Rover Wolf

Usage examples of "tul".

You were baptized Ursula, but called Tulla from the start, a nickname probably derived from Thula the Koshnavian water nymph, who lived in Osterwick Lake and was written in various ways: Duller, Tolle, Tullatsch, Thula or Dul, Tul, Thul.

Day, a legendary leather bridge, two sacks full of yellow gold from the days of the Hussite incursions, and a capricious water nymph: Thula Duller Tul.

Some Kashubian or Koshavian water sprite, Thula, Duller, or Tul, is supposed to have been her godparent.

The destruction of the patrol boat above Helium the night of the abduction of Sanoma Tora was now quite clear to me, and when Nur An told me later that Tul Axtar had sent experimental fliers to attack Tjanath, I understood why it was that the blue flier in which Tavia and I had arrived had caused such consternation, but the thought that upset my mind almost to the exclusion of the plight of Sanoma Tora was that somewhere in the thin air of dying Barsoom a great Heliumetic fleet was moving to attack Jahar, or at least that was what I supposed since I had no reason to doubt that the message that I had given to the majordomo of Tor Hatan's palace had not been delivered to the Warlord.

With but a fraction of the ships I had already seen I would guarantee to lay waste all of Barsoom, provided my ships were armed with disintegrating ray rifles, and I felt sure that I had seen but a pitiful fraction of Tul Axtar's vast armament.

Fifty feet from him Phor Tak was standing behind a bench upon which was mounted a disintegrating ray rifle, aimed full at Tul Axtar.

At first I was surprised because Tavia had told me that no men other than Tul Axtar ever were permitted upon this level, but presently I saw that the warriors were women dressed in the harness of men, their hair cut and their faces painted, after the fashion of the fighting men of Barsoom.

Once it was a rich and thriving agricultural country, but as it fell beneath the curse of Tul Axtar's mad ambition for man power, the population grew to such enormous proportions that U-Gor could not support its people.