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n. (context often italicized English) A cone-shaped mud hut, usually with a thatched roof, found in eastern and northeastern Africa

Usage examples of "tukul".

Signing the book, Ghita leafed casually back, only to have it fall open at the page she was pretending not to look for: Tessa Abbott, PO box, Nairobi, Tukul 28.

She showered, returned to her tukul and sat herself before her work notes at a rickety table where, sweating helplessly, she lost herself in the intricacies of Aid SelfSufficiency.

And without further ceremony marched her through a maze of offices to a tukul like a beach hut on stilts, with a single bed, a refrigerator and a bookcase filled with matching volumes of classical English literature from Chaucer to James Joyce.

Sarah took it into the tukul to read it by the overhead lightbulb, then stood by herself before returning to the veranda and sitting herself down in her chair with an air of considerable moral confusion.

Captain McKenzie occupies Entebbe tukul, which is number fourteen on the airstrip side.

A blue-shaded hurricane lamp burned and Captain McKenzie sat in front of it, so that as Ghita approached the tukul she saw only his silhouette, bowed over his desk while he wrote like a monk.

McKenzie had observed, when Sudan Sarah brought Justin to his tukul back in Loki and left them alone together.

Justin stoops, their eyes meet and Justin sees in Lorbeer what he has seen already when they were in the tukul, but now with greater clarity: a man terrified by what he resolutely forbids himself to see.

They were walking down a wide avenue of tulip trees, their fiery red trumpets brilliant against overhead cables and white-painted tukuls with thatched roofs.

The names of the tukuls read to Ghita like regimental battle honors in the village church close to her convent school in England.

Paddling himself on his tall staff, Lorbeer in his brown homburg has the authority of a spiritual teacher as he leads Justin across the airstrip, away from the hamlet of tukuls toward a blue line of forest.

There were at least two acres of hastily erected tukuLs, made of sapling frames covered with a range of material from thatch to flattened paraffin cans.