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Could not find any definition of word "tuh"

Usage examples of "tuh".

Ahm gointer write tuh you and you way-lay her and git her tuh read it fuh yuh.

Ah meet dat woman in heben, you got tuh gimme time tuh fight uh while.

Mama she sont me over here and told me tuh ast you tuh gimme uh job uh work.

In times and seasons, us gwine talk dat, but Ah come tuh take you back wid me, John.

Tucker when de mule kicked his mammy, and any man dat tell me tuh mah face dat he done it he got tuh smell mah fist.

She kin marry dat yaller wretch, but Ah means fuh her tuh tote uh sore back when he gits uh.

Dis de fust one uh mah chillun tuh jump over de broomstick and Ah means tuh tie de knot mah own self.

Ah come heah wid de determination tuh git mah money uh satisfaction, one.

Youse mah wife and all Ah want you tuh do is gimme uh chance tuh show mah spunk.

Ah thought you sho took uh long time tuh write tuh me and send fuh us.

God done whipped me tuh it, and like Peter and Paul Ah means tuh preach Christ and Him crucified.

Church, dat Ah may hold up de blood-stained banner of Christ and prove strong dat Ah may hold out tuh de end.

Much up de young folks and you got somebody tuh strain wid dem ole rams when dey git dey habits on.

You got tuh learn how tuh speak when you spokin to, come when youse called.

Go wash yuh face and turn tuh de Twenty-Sixth Chapter of de Acts fuh me.