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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tufty \Tuft"y\, a.

  1. Abounding with tufts.

    Both in the tufty frith and in the mossy fell.

  2. Growing in tufts or clusters.

    Where tufty daisies nod at every gale.
    --W. Browne.


a. Of resemblance to a tuft n. (context UK English) the tufted duck.

Usage examples of "tufty".

She struck across the tufty grass, following the line of the fence bordering the main road but keeping fifty or so yards inside it and moving at a jerky half crouch.

Yellow seeped in at one edge and soaked the foreground, making it a tufty green.

They flew low over the green tufty fields and the hills of blue rock and the hardwood forests.

Behind him limps a small tufty gray-haired gnome, clad in old-fashioned cloak and panters.

Everything in sixteenths: land scape, spring, air, freedom, tufty trees, beautiful clouds, first butterflies, singing of birds, buzzing of insects, kitchen gardens bursting into green, musical lath fences.

Someone was well over seven feet tall, and was covered in tufty ginger-colored hair.

The central figure was Lesho, squat and swarthy, with black, curly hair and a tufty beard.

He had a fine face with bushy, tufty eyebrows and a way of craning his neck forward like a bird.

Other bodies lay around me, blacks and greys - mixtures of both - some of the coats short and straight, others tufty and curly.

A patch of tufty white cloud was floating serenely through the air, the only blemish in a perfect bright azure sky.

It ended abruptly under two leaning palms, narrowing to an Indian-file path through sand dunes and tufty grass toward the sea.

Under a steel cap, he had a square, windburned face with flat cheekbones and tufty eyebrows, and his look was so peaceful and humorous as to be called insane.

Surrounded by forest, in the long shadow of Mount Hood, it consisted of a winding, flat sandy bed cutting through black lava cliffs, leaving tufty islands and curving oxbows.

My mustache has grown back, and although my hair looks a bit tufty, I intend to keep my cap on.

It was large and black, but its hair was tufty, its body scrawny and clumsy, and its manner edgy, anxious, verging on the completely neurotic.