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n. (plural of tuft English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: tuft)

Tufts (surname)

Tufts is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Charles Tufts
  • Eleanor Tufts
  • James Tufts
  • James Hayden Tufts
  • James Walker Tufts
  • Otis Tufts
  • Patrick Tufts
  • Peter Tufts
  • Richard Tufts
  • Sonny Tufts
  • Terry Tufts
  • Warren Tufts

Usage examples of "tufts".

Cotton Tufts warned that there were people sowing discord, claiming Adams was all for monarchy and planned to put an English prince on a throne in America.

Elizabeth, a three-year-old daughter of brother William Smith, named Louisa, whom Abigail had taken under her wing, three servants, and two cousins--Cotton Tufts, Jr.

Any such suspension of British debts, however colored or disguised, was a direct breach of the treaty, he wrote in a fury to Cotton Tufts, who had become a member of the Massachusetts Senate.

Abigail had secretly arranged it all that spring through Cotton Tufts, as a surprise for Adams.

His thoughts, to judge by what he said to Cotton Tufts, were on home and some marshland he wished to buy, overpriced though it might be.

Mary Cranch, Cotton Tufts, and others--both the Adamses seem to have concluded that there was to be no second term for them.

She consulted with Cotton Tufts and several physicians in Boston and wrote to Benjamin Rush for his advice.

Things moved there, and among the tufts of shrubbery on the sward alongside.

The brook, of which the banks were clothed with dense masses of a gigantic species of maidenhair fern interspersed with feathery tufts of wild asparagus, sung merrily at our side, the soft air murmured through the leaves of the silver trees, doves cooed around, and bright-winged birds flashed like living gems from bough to bough.

A few hours later the shrubbery yielded up its secret, a simple one enough: A big cask sunk in a pit, with a laurel shrub cunningly affixed to its movable lid, which was further disguised with tufts of grass.

He was one of those untidy smokers who leave tangled tufts hanging from the pipe-bowl and when they light up strew the floor with smoldering fragments.

The former was badly misshapen, narrowing as a dome but with numerous unsightly bulges upon the crown and scant, rotten tufts of grey hair.

And likewise to a man, it had arms, torso and legs, the latter shrivelled, twisted and protruding uselessly from the slithery mass that tapered away in flaps and tufts of fleshy membrane, to a scale-clad fish-tail.

A blue elastic gathered his thick tufts into a firm knot at the base of his skull.

The log cabin, situated on the Twelfth Line, and once lived in by the Tufts family, was in the news several years ago, when it was believed to be haunted.