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Tuffy is a given name or a family name.

Tuffy may refer to:

  • Lil Tuffy, American rock poster artist and printmaker
  • Tuffys Australian brand for underwear
  • Tuffy Auto Service Centers, franchise of automotive service centers
  • Tuffy (Tom and Jerry), an alternative name of the character Nibbles from Tom and Jerry
First name or nickname
  • Tuffy Abell (1892–1956), American football player
  • Tuffy Conn (1892–1973), American football player
  • Tuffy Griffiths (1907–1968), American boxer
  • Tuffy Gosewisch (born 1983), American baseball player
  • Tuffy Knight (born 1936), Canadian football player
  • Tuffy Leemans (1912–1979), American football player
  • Tuffy Maul (1902–1974), American football player
  • Tuffy Rhodes (born 1968), American baseball player
  • Tuffy Stewart (1883–1934) was a Major League Baseball
  • Tuffy Stone, American chef and TV personality
  • Tuffy Thompson, American football player
Family name
  • Dan Tuffy, Australian-born musician, guitarist and vocalist
  • Joanna Tuffy (born 1965), Irish politician
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