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TUF can refer to:

  • The Ultimate Fighter, a reality television series
  • Tours Loire Valley Airport, Tours, France (IATA airport code: TUF)
  • The Unforgettable Fire, an album by Irish rock band U2
    • "The Unforgettable Fire" (song), a song from the album above
  • " The Ultimate Fling", a song by Finnish rock band Poets of the Fall
  • The United Force, a Guyanese political party
  • Time-utility function, a mean for real time computing
  • The Unifying Force, a Star Wars novel written by James Luceno

Usage examples of "tuf".

The cat began to make a deep rumbly noise as Tuf cradled it in the crook of one massive arm and began to apply long, regular strokes to its black-and-white hair.

The steward on the tubetrain wheeled out a tray of beverages shortly after Haviland Tuf had strapped himself in for the trip downstairs.

He reached into the cart and produced a squeeze bulb full of dark brown liquid, bearing a cursive logo Tuf recognized as Shan-Dellor script.

But even here, it was impossible to move without brushing against the bare thin arm of the woman to his left, a contact that Tuf found distasteful in the extreme.

Farther back on the tubetrain, Tuf understood, were the first-, second-, and third-class accommodations.

Long, braided hair, copper-colored skin, and plump, fleshy cheeks branded the man as much an offworlder as Tuf himself.

But you give them that hellship of yours, Tuf, and maybe they break free again.

The city offered more modes of recreation and more entertainment of more varied sorts than Tuf had ever seen in any one place beforesufficient choices to occupy a tourist for several standard years, if one desired to taste it all.

During his years of travel, Haviland Tuf had seen the advanced science and technological wizardry of Avalon and Newholme, Tober-in-the-Veil, Old Poseidon, Baldur, Arachne, and a dozen other worlds out on the sharpened leading edge of human progress.

The orbital elevator itself was an impressive featOld Earth was supposed to have built such constructs in the ancient days before the Collapse, and Newholme had raised one once, only to have it fall during the war, but nowhere else had Tuf ever observed such a colossal artifact, not even on Avalon itself, where such elevators had been studied and rejected on the grounds of economy.

Haviland Tuf observed it, traveled through it, and sampled its marvels for three days before he returned to his small, cramped, premiere-class sleeping quarters on the seventy-ninth floor of a tower hotel, and summoned the host.

Still, we must have that ship, and now that Tuf is back inside it, our task has been made more difficult.

Haviland Tuf paused for a moment before plugging back into the data service he had been employing.

Haviland Tuf raised his eyes from his plate and stared at her, his long white face blank and still and expressionless.

Haviland Tuf allowed his plate to be filled to overflowing with spicepods, mashed smackles, sweetroot, and butterknots, and bid the waiter cut several thin slivers of ham for Havoc.