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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tudor \Tu"dor\, a. Of or pertaining to a royal line of England, descended from Owen Tudor of Wales, who married the widowed queen of Henry V. The first reigning Tudor was Henry VII.; the last, Elizabeth.

Tudor style (Arch.), the latest development of Gothic architecture in England, under the Tudors, characterized by flat four-centered arches, shallow moldings, and a profusion of paneling on the walls.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1779 in reference to the English royal family, from Welsh surname Tewdwr, used of the line of English sovereigns from Henry VII to Elizabeth I, descended from Owen Tudor, who married Catherine, widowed queen of Henry V. Applied from 1815 to a style of architecture prevalent during these reigns. The name is the Welsh form of Theodore.


Tudor commonly refers to:

  • House of Tudor, English royal house of Welsh origins
    • Tudor period, a historical era in England coinciding with the rule of the Tudor dynasty

Tudor may also refer to:

Tudor (name)

The surname Tudor, within the United Kingdom, originates from the Welsh forename Tudur, Old Welsh Tutir, the Welsh equivalent of Gaulish Toutorix and Germanic Theodoric, which was conflated with Tewdwr, Tewdr, the Welsh equivalent of Theodore.

Tudor is also a common first name in Romanian, also equivalent to Theodore. Tudor can also be a surname in Romanian.

The English royal dynasty, the House of Tudor (descended from the Welsh Tudors of Penmynydd), including prominent members:

  • Owen Tudor , lover or possibly second husband of Catherine of Valois, and grandfather of King Henry VII
  • Edmund Tudor, 1st Earl of Richmond, son of Owen Tudor and Catherine of Valois, father of King Henry VII
  • Jasper Tudor, 1st Duke of Bedford, second son of Owen and Catherine and brother of Edmund, uncle of King Henry VII
  • Arthur Tudor, eldest son of King Henry VII (predeceased his father)
  • Margaret Tudor, Queen Consort of Scotland, eldest daughter of King Henry VII
  • Mary Tudor, Queen of France, latterly Mary Brandon, Duchess of Suffolk, second daughter of King Henry VII
  • Edmund Tudor, Duke of Somerset, third son of King Henry VII

Tudor, as a surname, may also refer to:

  • Adrian Tudor, a Romanian basketball player
  • Alex Tudor, an English cricketer
  • Alexandru Tudor, a Romanian football referee
  • Antony Tudor, a British choreographer
  • Corneliu Vadim Tudor, a Romanian politician
  • Cristian Tudor, a Romanian footballer
  • David Tudor, an American pianist
  • Edward Tudor-Pole, a British singer
  • Frank Tudor, an Australian politician
  • Frederic Tudor (1783–1864), an American entrepreneur known as Boston's "Ice King"
  • Henri Tudor, a Luxembourgian industrialist and inventor
  • Henry Hugh Tudor, a British soldier, later police chief in Ireland and then Palestine
  • Igor Tudor, a Croatian football (soccer) player
  • Joel Tudor, an American longboard surfer
  • John Tudor (footballer), an English football (soccer) player
  • John Tudor (baseball), an American baseball player
  • Larissa Tudor (d. 1926), a British woman who appeared strikingly similar to Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna of Russia but never actually claimed to be the former grand duchess. Many people who knew Larissa strongly suspected that she was the former grand duchess of Russia.
  • Lukas Tudor (b. 1969), a Chilean football (soccer) player
  • Sandu Tudor, a Romanian poet and monk
  • Shane Tudor (b. 1982), an English football (soccer) player
  • Tasha Tudor (1915–2008), an American illustrator and author of children's books
  • William Tudor (1750–1819), an Attorney-at-Law who served as Representative of Boston in the Massachusetts General Court, State Senator, Secretary of the Commonwealth, and was a founder of the Massachusetts Historical Society
  • William Tudor (1779–1830), a leading literary figure in Boston and cofounder of the North American Review and the Boston Athenaeum
  • Will Tudor (b. 1987), an English actor

As a given name:

  • Tudor Gunasekara
  • Tudor Arghezi
  • Tudor Tănăsescu
  • Tudor Vladimirescu
  • Paul Tudor Jones (born 1954), founder of the Tudor Investment Corporation hedge fund

Usage examples of "tudor".

Tudors, but one of those sober poets for which Anglesey has always been so famous.

Think of Edward of Caernarvon, the first Prince of Wales, a perverse life, Pennyfeather, and an unseemly death, then the Tudors and the dissolution of the Church, then Lloyd George, the temperance movement, Noncomformity, and lust stalking hand in hand through the country, wasting and ravaging.

Whitehall Palace, and Cecil and Elizabeth were anxious that the traditions of Tudor rule should be seen as continuous.

Featuring a Tudor facade with South-of-France striped awnings, the restaurant was the happy marriage of two stores with upper lofts merged into a Dickensian fantasy.

Henceforward the curtain of oblivion must fall on cordial waters distilled mechanically from sweet herbs, and on electuaries artlessly compounded of seeds and roots by a Lady Monmouth, or a Countess of Arundel, as in the Stuart and Tudor times.

For when the boy king was crowned in Dublin, it was Kildare himself, head of the Fitzgeralds and, as Lord Deputy, King Henry Tudors own representative and governor on the island, who had led the treasonable business.

The only difference between the old days and now was that Kildare had Tudor artillery.

On the bluffs of the Kinnikinick River, which curved like a question mark, the half-dozen gray Tudor buildings enclosed a quadrangle shady with oak and maple, a place for contemplation.

House, with Roscoe and Andy and Mahala and Tudor Blackwall, but at the tapestry-brick mansion of the rich Jeddabys, in Grampion Centre.

Whatever foam from Roscoe had to be wiped away, she was working with professional actors: Andy, Mahala, Clara Ribbons, Doc Keezer, Tudor Blackwall, Maggie Sample.

Iris with a small, set, misty smile ignoring the fact that Pete Chew was gaping wistfully at her from the circle of Toni, Tudor Blackwall, Mahala and Cy Fickerty, who were squatting on the stage and shooting craps, while Harry Mihick looked on them in sorrow at such desecration.

Iris Pentire losing her Mona Lisa calm and Mahala her Ritz dignity and Tudor Blackwall his sleek superiority as, like herself, they dashed for bus and taxi, to reach Andy Deacon, Bethel left her steak sandwich unfinished and galloped to her hotel and to her telephone.

Adrian Satori asleep five feet away from a poker game conducted by Andy, Zed, Tudor, Mahala and the stage manager--a competent standard-sized person named Nathan Eldred.

It sat among streets of brick-built terrace housing, its faux Tudor timberwork exterior masking a Herculean-scaled interior, panelled in dark oak with Vicwardian stained-glass booths and tiles all around.

Angela, had given birth to a son, there was sufficient suspicion of her among the bulk of the English and Welsh lords that most of them held forth that the boy was not come of Tudor loins but was certainly a bastard begat on the adultress by one of her multitudinous lovers.