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The Tudisi was a Ragusan noble family, which produced people such as distinguished diplomat Martholus de Tudisio and merchant Give de Tudisio in the 14th century. The basis of their economy was ties with the Republic of Venice in the 14th and 15th centuries. They were among the eleven smallest houses in the 15th century. After 1808, with the French occupation and division of the Ragusan nobility into two groups, the family joined the Salamancanists, along with the Bassegli, Benessa, Bonda, Buća, Giorgi-Bona, Gradi, Ragnina and Resti, while Gondola, Palmotta, Proculo were Sorbonnists; the rest of Ragusan nobility had branches, more or less, in both groups. The family moved to Venice, as did many of the other Ragusan patrician families.