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Tud (, also Romanized as Tūd; also known as Tūt) is a village in Zaboli Rural District, in the Central District of Mehrestan County, Sistan and Baluchestan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 55, in 10 families.

Usage examples of "tud".

I fiddled with a half-pint milk em opened yogurt, poured milk and orange juice, tud napkin under his chin and began with the straw!

Now, on the night that you were driving on the road between Karoi ajl Tud Mission, did you encounter any other vehicle?

Crassus that he should take his three legions to Tuder and besiege it, leaving Pompey to bring his own men to bear on Spoletium.

Off went Crassus to Tuder, very happy at the thought of conducting his own campaign.

My law to give back their lands to places like Clusium and Tuder will calm the people of Etruria and Umbria before it is too late.

Ostia had mistimed things so badly that he had allowed the barges an extra trip upstream to Tuder and Ocriculum, where the Tiber Valley harvest was demanding transportation downstream to Rome.

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First-Major Tud Jusssar reporting from north perimeter with two nonauthorized persons," their escort shouted.