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Tuckey is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Agnes Tuckey (1877–1972), English tennis player; mother of Raymond Tuckey
  • Brent Tuckey (born 1979), Australian footballer
  • C Tuckey (ca. 1924), Australian footballer and rugby player
  • Dick Tuckey (1913–1974), U.S. football player
  • Hobart Tuckey (1884–1951), Australian politician
  • James Hingston Tuckey (1776–1816), Irish-born British explorer and Royal Navy captain, sometimes mistakenly written James Kingston Tuckey
  • Raymond Tuckey (1910–2005), English tennis player; son of Agnes Tuckey
  • Tom Tuckey (1884–1950), U.S. baseball pitcher
  • William Tuckey (1708–1781), U.S. composer
  • Wilson Tuckey (born 1935), Australian politician