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Tucci is a surname of Italian origin, and may refer to:

  • Christine Tucci (born 1967), American actress
  • Dudu Tucci (born 1955), Brazilian musician
  • Flower Tucci (born 1981), American adult actress/model
  • Gabriella Tucci (born 1929), Italian soprano
  • Giuseppe Tucci (1894–1984), Italian scholar, explorer, expert on Tibetan culture
  • John Tucci (born 1966), lawyer and trivia expert in St. Louis, Missouri, United States
  • Max Tucci (born 1979), American radio host, TV personality, celebrity chef and philanthropist
  • Michael Tucci (born 1946), American actor
  • Niccolò Tucci (1908–1999), Swiss-Italian writer
  • Roberto Tucci (born 1921), Italian Roman Catholic Cardinal and theologian
  • Stanley Tucci (born 1960), American actor, writer, producer and director
  • William Tucci, American comicbook creator

Furthermore, Tucci is the name of a former Catholic bishopric and present Latin Catholic titular see in Andalusia (southern Spain).