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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tubule \Tu"bule\, n. [F. tubule, or L. tubulus, dim. of tubus a tube, a pipe.]

  1. A small pipe or fistular body; a little tube.

  2. (Anat.) A minute tube lined with glandular epithelium; as, the uriniferous tubules of the kidney.


n. A small pipe or fistular body; a little tube.


n. a small tube


A tubule is:

  • a small tube or fistular structure
  • a minute tube lined with glandular epithelium
  • any hollow cylindrical body structure
  • a minute canal found in various structures or organs of the body
  • a slender elongated anatomical channel

Usage examples of "tubule".

When this happens, water is not properly reabsorbed in the kidney tubules and urination becomes abnormally copious.

Our smooth-muscle cells are born with complete instructions, in need of no help from us, and they work away on their own schedules, modulating the lumen of blood vessels, moving things through intestines, opening and closing tubules according to the requirements of the entire system.

The blue body-suit was similar to that once worn by Ult spacers, a complex interweaving of metallic and synthetic tubules so that it adjusted to protect its wearer against heat and cold, pressure and vacuum.

He could feel a gentle rippling against his wrists as peristaltic muscles brought the darts forward out of their magazine sacs into launch tubules.

Each Lahit entity is connected to its own subgroups and to its immediate supergroup by a dendritic system that usually resides under the soil, and moves through it with great rapidity, in the same sort of way used by the sporulating tubules of brachiophytic fungi like the fairy-ring mushrooms.

It promotes increased reabsorption of salt in the kidney tubules, keeps potassium ions from leaving the cells to an undue extent, and maintains the proper volume of water outside the cells.

This is because the separation of waste is done in part by the Malpighian capsules and in part by the uriniferous tubules.

The prevailing view now is that the processes of filtration and secretion are both carried on by the kidneys,--that the capillary clusters in the Malpighian bodies serve as delicate filters for the separation of water and salts, while the secreting cells of the tubules separate substances by the process of secretion.

Suddenly there was a dull roaring noise, and a brilliant flare, and heat ravaged her mantle and dreadful overpressure strained her tubules.

Cell Cleaner to zap every harmful organism they pick up, or on trophoblastic tubules to feed them, nobody will be able to innovate enough to relearn how!

For the first time Jing felt in his inmost tubules how far he was from home.

His ruptured tubules had been unable to heal, owing to his corpulence, and he slumped in his sitting-pit like a half-filled water-bladder.

Desperate commanders who imagined their junqs would nourish themselves off such weed as the water sustained watched in horror how first the drink-bladders burst, then the floats, and finally the major tubules, so they died.

The Fleet accorded these a respectfully wide berth also, not because they were a threat themselves, but because they in turn were hunted by the fiercest predator in these waters, the huge and solitary gulletfish whose mindless charge could rupture the tubules of even the largest junq.

Tenthag watched the patterns in the sky change as they drove south, and felt in his inmost tubules, for the first time, that he did truly live on a vast globe adrift in space.