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n. (plural of tuber English)

Usage examples of "tubers".

Though the nuggar had cleaned out most of the tubers, she found enough and tied the hard knobby roots into a bundle using vine fiber then knotted a sling for them from that same fiber and slipped it over her shoulder.

The tubers may be transplanted soon after the tops have died off in late summer.

Wood Anemone may be propagated by divisions of the tubers, after the foliage has completely withered.

The tubers resemble potatoes, but incline to pear-shape, as implied by the generic name.

There is no difficulty whatever with fresh tubers, which may be lifted after the tops have died off.

To increase it, the tubers may be divided every third year, providing the growth has been of a vigorous tone.

To propagate it, it is only necessary to divide the tubers any time from July to October.

In such quarters not only do the tubers increase quickly, but the seed germinates, and if such positions are allowed it, and garden tools kept off, there will soon be a dense carpet of golden flowers to brighten the wintry aspect of the open garden.

For food he had the eggs of birds and reptiles, fruits that grew upon some of the trees or bushes along his route, and various edible tubers that Dangar or La-ja had taught him to find and recognize.

The men sit around such holes, they say, drinking the clear, oily and viciously strong liquor they distill from tubers, safe from the wind in tents which they bring onto the lakes, and they fish and smoke, and tell tall tales.

She whipped a branch through the ghosts, driving them off, than ate two of the tubers, drank, curled up to sleep, indifferent to possible dangers, knowing in her depths that, no matter what, she would live to reach the Egg.

She cooked two tubers in the boiling water, ate, then started off again, moving at a slow trot, still a little stiff and sore from her nap and her painful tumble before the nap.

Small-lives in large numbers and variety pattered about, nosing out grubs, picking crawlers off leaves and grassblades, munching on tender greens, sucking juice from plants or other animals, grubbing up roots and tubers of all kinds, a web of busy life invisible and vigorous and non-threatening.

A few coals glimmered in the heap above the baking pit where tubers and fish were cooking slowly under the embers.

Two of the upper tubers were beforehand uncovered and measured, and then loosely covered up again.