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Túathalán (died c. 747) was an 8th-century abbot of Cennrigmonaid. He is known only from his obituary in the Annals of Ulster. Cennrigmonaid, literally "head of the king's pastureland", is a site associated with later St. Andrews, and is probably that site's former name. Túathalán is the first cleric associated with a church establishment there, and Túathalán's obituary constitutes the first source for both the existence of a church there and for the existence of the location itself. The church was likely founded around the beginning of the 8th century, probably by Óengus I mac Fergusa, King of the Picts, although King Nechtan mac Der-Ile may also have been responsible. Túathalán may therefore have been the first ever abbot of the location. There was probably a Hexham connection. The latter was a monastic establishment whose writings show a good deal of knowledge about the Picts, and who share a dedication to St. Andrew.