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Usage examples of "tuatha".

Fog and mist were permanent inhabitants of this land, which they and the forests had owned long before the coming of the Fir Bholgs, and then the Tuatha de Danann, and finally the Celts.

I knew, of course, of the Tuatha De Danann, the tribes of the god Danu, the half-legendary, half-historical clan who found their home in Erin some four thousand years before the Christian era, and who have left so deep an impress upon the Celtic mind and its myths.

The tuatha of Connacht were a race without: without learning, without culture, without virtue, without hope.

So far as I could tell, it was all about a pact made by the god Aengus with the Tuatha DeDanaan, which ended a drought and blessed the rain in perpetuity to the people of Eire so long as they honored him on that day.

Brigid had learned in Ireland of the hostilities between the reptilian Annunaki and the humanoid Tuatha De Danaan, which had broken out millennia before.

Ireland that would indicate that the Tuatha De ever looked like the Three?

You have the sworn oath of the Fairy Queen upon the pact of the Tuatha De Danaan.

Queen marveled, for even the Tuatha De Danaan were in awe of true love.

Suddenly he was the Chief Druid, a fount of knowledge, a great singer, the connection between Gaul and its Gods the Tuatha, the head of a huge confraternity more forceful than any other body of priests in the world.

In the old days it was the place of the King to stand before the Tuatha as the one who goes voluntarily to the sacrifice in the name of his people, who takes to his own breast the needs and wants and desires and hopes of every male and female creature under his shield.

What you must realize is that the Tuatha threw him up out of nothing and nowhere.

If what we want is vast, then the Tuatha will set a vastness against us.

The Tuatha elected Vercingetorix to hold our peoples together in the meantime.

And over everything, the brooding of the Tuatha like unspoken thunder, the lightless dawn coming, coming, coming.

Evidently the Tuatha felt that the forces connecting them to the Gauls were diminishing in some mysterious way.