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Tuareg (disambiguation)

The Tuareg people are nomads of the Sahara who speak various Tuareg languages. Tuareg may also refer to:

  • Tuareg Rebellion (disambiguation)
  • Tuareg Shield, an area lying between the West African craton and the Saharan Metacraton in West Africa
  • Tuareg Sloughi, an African dog breed
  • Touareg tea, a kind of flavoured tea prepared in northern Africa and in Arabian countries
  • Tuareg - The Desert Warrior, a 1984 adventure film starring Mark Harmon
  • Tuareg, an Emacs mode for programming in Caml; presumably the name was chosen as a pun on camel
  • Tuareg, a song by Gal Costa later selected for the compilation Tropicalia A Brazilian Revolution in Sound
Tuareg (novel)

Tuareg (ISBN 184694192X) is a thriller novel written by Spanish author Alberto Vázquez-Figueroa. This novel was his most critically and commercially successful, with global sales in excess of 5,000,000 copies. It was adapted into a 1984 movie starring Mark Harmon, Tuareg – The Desert Warrior.

This is the first book in the Tuareg dilogy, followed by Los Ojos del Tuareg.

Usage examples of "tuareg".

Knowing that if she went to their home her Tuareg garb would make her conspicuous to the ubiquitous Bokharan spies, she had sent a message saying that she would come to their busy fabric shop, where she would blend into the steady stream of people.

By this time, French scholars believe, Lybico-Berber peoples -- whether the old Garamantes or the Tuareg of the desert or other intermediaries and traders -had already taken it southward.

Three Nigerians, one Baluba, and the Tuareg who had ridden down upon Helene.

Then the Baluba boys carried the severely wounded on to the howdahs of the elephants, the Ubangi bowmen were assembled and dispatched up over the hills in a body, and finally the Tuaregs gathered around to form an escort for Julebba herself.

Chirfa was nearly a hundred and fifty kilometres north of Seguedine and consisted of a Tuareg camp and one deserted Foreign Legion fortress which might have stood in for Fort Zinderneuf in Beau Geste but for one thing - there was an anchor carved above the main gate.

Even though Dominic and Foche had gotten off the first shots, the Tuaregs responded quickly.

Camels browsed on the thorny acacia and there was a scattering of the leather tents of the Tuareg.

The Tuaregs, having no skills for handling tools and wrenches, had ignored any fixtures that were built in.