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TTM may refer to:

  • TTM (programming language), a programming language
  • TTM, Tata Motors's stock symbol on the New York Stock Exchange

TTM is the acronym of:

  • Traditional Tibetan medicine
  • Thailand Tobacco Monopoly, a state enterprise in Thailand involved in the manufacturing and distribution of tobacco products
  • Televiziunea Târgu-Mureș, a Romanian local television station, broadcasts in Mureș County
  • Todos Tus Muertos, an Argentine rock music group.
  • Telegraphic transfer middle rate, an exchange rate convention in Japan
  • Time to market, the length of time it takes from a product being conceived to its being available for sale
  • Translation Table Maps is a software developed by Tungsten Graphics to do memory management for device drivers for GPUs; it predates GEM ( Graphics Execution Manager) by Intel
  • Transtheoretical model of change, a concept in health psychology
  • Trailing twelve months, the most-recent year of financial results
  • The Three Musketeers, the novel by Alexandre Dumas
  • The Third Manifesto, Christopher J. Date's and Hugh Darwen's proposal for future database management systems
  • Targeted temperature management, a therapeutic interventions to maintain a person's temperature at a specific value which is thought to be associated with a favorable outcome in medicine.
TTM (programming language)

TTM is a string oriented, general purpose macro processing programming language developed in 1968 by Steven Caine and E. Kent Gordon at the California Institute of Technology.