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Tswana may refer to:

  • Tswana people, a Bantu people in Botswana, South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and other Southern Africa regions
  • Tswana language, the language spoken by the (Ba)Tswana people
  • Bophuthatswana, the former bantustan for the Tswana people
  • Tswana (cattle), an indigenous beef cattle breed of Botswana

Usage examples of "tswana".

Why should I ever want anything but to live in BoTswana, and to marry a Tswana girl?

It had never been colonized by any of the European powers, although Britain had been its protector from the 188os when the Boer Republic had threatened to muscle in and take the land from the Tswana tribe.

All of the staff were good-looking young Tswana lads who were also chosen with good reason.

It was a constantly recurring feature in Tswana history for a tribe to secede under a discontented member of the ruling family and move away to a new locality.

Do you know that among the Tswana tribe, they have only one noun for women?

There were some households where this would not have happened, on the grounds that they were not of pure Tswana blood, but not that house on Zebra Drive.

Then of forty different tribes come from every corner of the land to Goldi, men speaking forty different languages, from Zulu to Tswana, from Herero to Basuto, and only one in a thousand of them understands a word of English or of Afrikaans, Moses explained softly to his brother as the other men respectfully made room for them on one of the classroom benches.