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Usage examples of "tsun".

Nila, still tethered to her captor, whose name she had learned was Tsun, searched the camp together, but they found little.

Nila began to communicate more and more with Tsun and the other captors.

At dusk, Tsun took her hand, and waving goodbye, took her up river until it was dark.

At dawn, with a quick flip of his ax, Tsun killed a small squirrel that had curiously peeked in on them.

With only three raids under his belt, Tsun felt Tor too inexperienced to lead a raid.

Without the hunting skills of Tsun and Tor, there was less dried meat.

Her mind was filled with desperate days running with her love, Tsun, and the glorious times when she watched Tor grow from a beautiful boy to a strong, smart man.

Wing Tsun style and she accessorizes with a razor-sharp sense of irony.

It fights Wing Tsun style too, and when I break its grip it just gets a new one.

Yen Tsun was prefect of Yang-chou he once made an inspection journey through the district that had been entrusted to him.

Yen Tsun suspected her and ordered a constable to investigate the corpse.

Tsun and the young men were good hunters, so they had fresh meat even in the coldest times.

Three Oaths Tsun struck a match to an ivory pipe he had been tamping down.

Three Oaths Tsun said, knocking out the dottle of his pipe on the outside of the rail.

This interested Three Oaths Tsun so completely that he feigned indifference.