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Tse (Cyrillic)

Tse (Ц ц; italics: Ц ц) is a letter of the Cyrillic script.

It commonly represents the voiceless alveolar affricate , like the pronunciation of in "pizza".

In English, Tse is commonly romanized as . However, in proper names (personal names, toponyms, etc.) and titles it may also be rendered as (which signifies the sound in Serbo-Croatian, Czech, Hungarian etc.), (which signifies the sound in Italian and German), or .


The abbreviation TSE can refer to:

TSE (examination)

The Test of Spoken English (TSE) was an oral test developed by Educational Testing Service which measured the ability of nonnative English speakers to communicate effectively. As of March 2010, the TSE has been superseded by the speaking portion of the TOEFL iBT as well as by the SPEAK test.

Before its retirement, TSE scores were used by academic institutions, corporations, government agencies, health care systems, and other organizations to guide their decisions regarding graduate assistantships in teaching and research, hiring new workers, and licensing and certifying existing employees.

Usage examples of "tse".

During the trip, Marissa sat next to Tristan while Bentley sat with Tse.

I regret to announce, after laying out his litterery bed, for two days she kept squealing down for noisy priors and bawling out to her jameymock farceson in Shemish like a mouther of the incas with a garcielasso huw Ananymus pinched her tights and about the Balt with the markshaire parawag and his loyal divorces, when he feraxiously shed ovas in Alemaney, tse tse, all the tell of the tud with the bourighevisien backclack, and him, the cribibber like an ambitrickster, aspiring like the decan's, fast aslooped in the intrance to his polthronechair with his sixth finger between his catseye and the index, making his pillgrimace of Childe Horrid .

The hutung opened out onto P'ing Tse Men Ta Chieh, the main street leading east into Peking from the P'ing Tse Gate.

As Michael Rourke's hand lingered on the butt of the M-16, he recalled something Mao Tse Tung was credited with saying: "

The trees at Tse Bonito Park were yellow, the roadsides were streaked with the purple of the last surviving October asters, and overhead the sky was the dark, blank blue.