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TSA (band)

TSA is a Polish hard rock and heavy metal band.

As is typical of heavy metal bands with acronym-based names, "TSA" may have no meaning, although in a 2003 press release one of the founders claimed that the acronym originally meant "Tajne Stowarzyszenie Abstynentów" - "Teetotallers' Secret Association" or "Teetotallers' Anonymous."

The band formed in 1979 in Opole as an initiative of guitarist Andrzej Nowak. The original line-up additionally included Stefan Machel (guitar), Janusz Niekrasz (bass) and Marek Kapłon (drums). TSA was originally an instrumental band. It won a "battle of the bands" during the 1981 Jarocin Festival at which members met Marek Piekarczyk, a singer in Sektor A. He debuted as TSA's vocalist a month later at the Pop Session festival in Sopot.

The band's song "Zwierzenia kontestatora" ("Confessions Of A Contestant") appears in the musical documentary Behind the Iron Curtain, which documents the heavy metal band Iron Maiden's first visit to Poland and other countries in Eastern Europe. The song is used as background music during the scene filmed in the music club Remont.

TSA's song "Marsz wilków" ("The Marching Of The Wolves") is used in the 1983 Polish children's movie Akademia Pana Kleksa ( Academy of Mr. Kleks) - a film based on Jan Brzechwa's 1964 book.

The group disbanded on the eve of the 1990s, but came back together in the spring of 2001 to record and performs a 'classical line-up' of music.