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TRVL is a peer-to-peer travel booking platform, where anyone can tailor-make trips for others and earn money.

TRVL first started as a digital publication exclusively for iPad in 2010. It was co-founded in the Netherlands by entrepreneurs Jochem Wijnands and Michel Elings a day after they met for the first time at a friend’s party. It launched from a spare bedroom in Elings’ home.

Out of frustration with Adobe's publishing software, the TRVL team developed Prss, a mobile-first publishing platform. Prss was acquired by Apple in 2014 to help create Apple News and the Apple News Format.

In 2015 Jochem Wijnands returned from Apple to turn TRVL into a travel booking platform where anyone can help anyone with travel recommendations while earning money. The platform is a sharing-economy approach to booking travel for your friends and complete strangers.