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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
trust fund
▪ Her snack bar was roughly equivalent to a trust fund.
▪ In consequence, the trust fund is accumulating surpluses.
▪ It is believed proceeds from any sale would go into a trust fund for the children.
▪ Reducing taxes, reducing rents, awarding more prizes on the trust fund, reducing administrative charges, reducing insurance fund contributions?
▪ The trust fund now collects money from 125 million workers to pay benefits to 43 million people.
trust fund

n. 1 (context legal English) Property held by a trustee in a trust established by a grantor for a beneficiary. 2 Loosely, a substantial inheritance of money.

trust fund

n. a fund held in trust

Usage examples of "trust fund".

She didnt remember him explicitly talking about that, but she did remember that it was during that visit that hed announced he would stop bugging her about getting involved in the businessand be conferring a billion-dollar trust fund on her that would grant her financial independence.

He knew that her father had bought it and that it had gone into the trust fund.

It's well known that Elizabeth Hart has a trust fund worth millions.

He'd selected a good site for the store, and as fate had it, they hadn't needed his educational trust fund for the first of the kids now in college.

Then a short while ago it all moved out into an educational trust fund.

The partnership that Norton and I had has some assets, and then there's quite a bit of money in the trust fund which will go to the girl without any question, as I understand it.