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Trotman is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alexander Trotman, Baron Trotman (1933–2005), Ford Motor Company's first foreign-born chairman and CEO
  • David Trotman (born 1951), mathematician, with dual British and French nationality
  • Dawson Trotman (1906–1956), evangelist, crusader and founder of The Navigators
  • Ebenezer Trotman (died 1865), architect of churches and railway stations
  • Emmerson Trotman (born 1954), former West Indies cricketer who played for the Rebel West Indies side in South Africa
  • James Trotman (born 1979), British tennis player who retired early from tennis due to ongoing injuries
  • Lloyd Trotman (1923–2007), jazz bassist born in Boston who backed numerous jazz, dixieland, doo-wop and R&B artists
  • Mickey Trotman (1974–2001), football player from Trinidad and Tobago
  • Mildred T. Trotman, Mayor of the Borough of Princeton, New Jersey
  • Neal Trotman (born 1987), English association footballer
  • Raphael Trotman (born 1966), lawyer and a politician in Guyana
  • Wayne Gerard Trotman (born 1964), British independent filmmaker, writer, composer and producer of electronic music
  • Eleanor Trotman all round inspiration to many