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A trong (plural: trongs) is a gripping and lifting tool made of three limbs, or finger-channels, each with teeth on the end of them. They are generally made of polypropylene and are dishwasher safe. Trongs are designed for eating finger food such as buffalo wings and bbq ribs so that the user doesn't get their fingers messy. They are used in pairs so that the user has one for each hand. Trongs stand on the table like a tripod and the user is able to lift them by applying a slight inward pressure.

Trongs were invented in 2007 by Eric Zimmermann and Dan Ferrara Jr. of New York. They decided to invent a device for eating messy food while keeping fingers clean, after not being able to answer a cell phone due to sauce covered fingers.

The word "trong" - a portmanteau of "tri" and " tongs" - is a noun that describes the product, not the brand name. Trongs are sold under various brands.